Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter, Freedom X, 3000W 12V True-Sine


The Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter, Freedom X, 3000W 12V True-Sine is a highly efficient and reliable power inverter designed to provide clean and stable AC power for various applications. Whether you are on the road, camping, or in need of backup power at home, this inverter is a versatile solution that ensures your devices and appliances run smoothly.

Main Features and Benefits:

The Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter offers several key features that make it stand out from the competition. Firstly, it provides a true sine wave output, which means it delivers power that is equivalent to the utility grid, ensuring compatibility with sensitive electronics. This feature is particularly important for devices like laptops, televisions, and medical equipment.

Another notable feature is its high surge capacity, allowing it to handle peak power demands without any issues. With a continuous power output of 3000W and a surge capacity of 6000W, this inverter can easily handle heavy loads such as refrigerators, power tools, and air conditioners.

The Freedom X inverter also comes with advanced protection features such as overload protection, over-temperature shutdown, and low voltage alarm and shutdown. These safeguards ensure the longevity of the inverter and protect your devices from potential damage.

Pros and Cons:

Compared to other similar products, the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter has several advantages. Its true sine wave output sets it apart from modified sine wave inverters, as it guarantees compatibility with a wider range of devices. Additionally, the high surge capacity allows for the smooth operation of power-hungry appliances.

However, one potential drawback is its price. The Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter is priced higher than some of its competitors. While the quality and performance justify the cost, budget-conscious consumers may find it less appealing.

User Experience and Testing:

Many users have praised the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter for its reliable performance and ease of use. Some have used it during camping trips to power their RVs, while others have relied on it as a backup power source during power outages. Users have reported that the inverter performed flawlessly, providing stable power for their appliances and electronics.

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Ratings and Recommendations:

On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter receives an average rating of 4.5 stars. The high rating is attributed to its exceptional performance, durability, and advanced features. Users appreciate its ability to handle heavy loads and the peace of mind provided by its comprehensive protection mechanisms.

This product is recommended for individuals who require a reliable and high-quality power inverter for various purposes. It is particularly suitable for RV owners, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those in need of backup power at home.

Technical Specifications and Dimensions:

The Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter has the following technical specifications:

– Continuous Power Output: 3000W

– Surge Capacity: 6000W

– Input Voltage: 12V DC

– Output Voltage: 120V AC

– Waveform: True Sine Wave

– Dimensions: 16.3 x 8.4 x 4.7 inches

– Weight: 13.9 pounds

Performance in Different Settings and Environments:

The Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter performs exceptionally well in various settings and environments. Whether you are in a remote location, on the road, or at home, this inverter consistently delivers clean and stable power. It can withstand temperature extremes and operates efficiently even in challenging conditions.

Ease of Setup, Use, and Maintenance:

Setting up and using the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter is relatively straightforward. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary cables and connectors. The inverter can be easily connected to a 12V battery, and the AC outlets allow for convenient connection of devices.

Maintenance requirements are minimal, with occasional cleaning and inspection of the unit being sufficient. The inverter’s robust construction ensures long-term reliability and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

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Durability and Reliability:

The Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter is known for its durability and reliability. Constructed with high-quality materials, it can withstand rugged conditions and provide years of trouble-free operation. Users have reported using this inverter for extended periods without encountering any issues, further highlighting its reliability.

Comparison to Competitors:

In terms of price, quality, and features, the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter competes favorably with other similar products. While it may be priced slightly higher than some alternatives, its true sine wave output, high surge capacity, and advanced protection features justify the cost. The overall quality and performance of the Xantrex inverter make it a top choice among consumers.

Tips and Tricks:

Users have discovered a few helpful tips when using the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter. One common tip is to ensure proper ventilation for the inverter to prevent overheating. Additionally, connecting the inverter directly to the battery terminals instead of using long cables can improve efficiency and reduce voltage drop.

Common Problems and Solutions:

While the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter is generally reliable, some users have reported issues with the cooling fan becoming noisy over time. This can be resolved by cleaning or replacing the fan if necessary. Another common problem is improper wiring, which can lead to malfunctions. Ensuring correct wiring connections and using appropriate gauge cables can prevent such issues.

Exceeding Expectations:

The Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter consistently exceeds expectations due to its exceptional performance, durability, and advanced features. Users have found it to be a reliable power source that meets their needs in various situations. The inverter’s ability to handle heavy loads and provide clean power has impressed many users, making it a highly recommended choice.

User Feedback and Ratings:

Users have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback for the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter, praising its reliability, performance, and ease of use. The majority of ratings fall within the 4 to 5-star range, with users commending its ability to power a wide range of devices without any issues. The inverter’s durability and comprehensive protection features have also received high praise.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter be used with solar panels?

Yes, the inverter can be used with solar panels as long as the input voltage matches the inverter’s requirements.

2. Does the inverter come with a remote control?

No, the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter does not come with a remote control. However, an optional remote panel is available for purchase separately.

3. Can this inverter be connected to multiple batteries?

Yes, the inverter can be connected to multiple batteries in parallel to increase the overall capacity.

4. What is the warranty period for the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter?

The inverter comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

5. Can this inverter be used in a vehicle while driving?

Yes, the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter can be used in a vehicle while driving, providing power to various devices and appliances.

Where to Buy:

The Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter, Freedom X, 3000W 12V True-Sine can be purchased from authorized retailers, online marketplaces such as Amazon, or directly from the manufacturer’s website.


The Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter, Freedom X, 3000W 12V True-Sine is a reliable and high-performance power inverter that offers clean and stable power for a wide range of applications. With its true sine wave output, high surge capacity, and advanced protection features, it stands out from the competition. Users have consistently rated it highly, praising its durability, ease of use, and ability to handle heavy loads. Whether you are camping, on the road, or in need of backup power at home, the Xantrex 817-3000 Inverter is a recommended choice that exceeds expectations.

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