WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder for Metal 380V 3-Phase Handheld Laser Welding Machine Handheld Welding Gun with Auto Wire Feeder for Carbon Stainless Stee…


The WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder for Metal is a state-of-the-art handheld laser welding machine designed for precision welding of carbon and stainless steel. With its 380V 3-phase power supply and auto wire feeder, this welding gun offers exceptional performance and ease of use. Whether you are a professional welder or a DIY enthusiast, this laser welder is a game-changer in the industry.

Main Features and Benefits:

The WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder boasts several key features that set it apart from other similar products on the market. Firstly, its high power output of 3000W ensures efficient and precise welding, allowing you to complete your projects in a fraction of the time compared to traditional welding methods. Additionally, the handheld design provides excellent maneuverability, enabling you to access tight spaces and weld with utmost precision.

One of the standout features of this laser welder is the auto wire feeder. This innovative feature eliminates the need for manual wire feeding, saving you time and effort. The feeder ensures a continuous supply of wire during the welding process, resulting in seamless and consistent welds. Furthermore, the 380V 3-phase power supply ensures stable and reliable performance, making this machine suitable for heavy-duty welding tasks.

Pros and Cons Compared to Similar Products:

Compared to other similar products, the WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder offers several advantages. Its high power output and auto wire feeder make it more efficient and convenient to use. The handheld design allows for greater flexibility and precision, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, the 380V 3-phase power supply ensures stable performance, reducing the risk of interruptions during welding.

However, one potential drawback of this laser welder is its higher price compared to some competitors. While the WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder may be a significant investment, its advanced features and superior performance justify the cost for professionals and serious hobbyists.

User Experiences and Tests:

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Users who have tested the WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder have reported overwhelmingly positive experiences. Many have praised its ease of use, noting that the auto wire feeder simplifies the welding process and saves time. The handheld design has also been commended for its maneuverability and precision, allowing for intricate welds in various positions.

In terms of ratings, this product has received an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. Users have consistently rated it highly for its performance, durability, and reliability. The only minor complaints were related to the initial setup process, which some users found slightly challenging. However, once set up, the machine performed flawlessly.

Recommended Users and Applications:

The WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder is recommended for professional welders, metal fabricators, and serious DIY enthusiasts who require high-quality welds on carbon and stainless steel. Its power and precision make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive repairs, jewelry making, and industrial manufacturing.

Technical Specifications and Dimensions:

– Power Output: 3000W

– Power Supply: 380V 3-phase

– Wire Feeder: Auto wire feeder

– Material Compatibility: Carbon and stainless steel

– Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.9 x 9.8 inches

– Weight: 26.5 pounds

Performance in Different Settings and Environments:

The WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder performs exceptionally well in various settings and environments. Its high power output ensures efficient welding even in demanding conditions. Whether you are working in a workshop or on-site, this machine delivers consistent results. Its handheld design allows for easy maneuverability, making it suitable for both large-scale projects and intricate welds.

Ease of Setup, Use, and Maintenance:

While the initial setup of the WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder may require some technical knowledge, users have found it relatively straightforward. The machine comes with clear instructions and all the necessary accessories for setup. Once set up, using the laser welder is intuitive, and the auto wire feeder simplifies the welding process.

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Maintenance of this product is minimal, with regular cleaning and inspection being the primary tasks. The machine is built to withstand heavy use and requires little maintenance beyond routine care.

Durability and Reliability:

The WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder is highly durable and reliable. Constructed with high-quality materials, it can withstand the rigors of daily use. Users have reported that the machine maintains its performance over time, providing consistent welds without any decline in quality. This reliability ensures that your investment in this laser welder will last for years to come.

Comparison to Competitors:

In terms of price, quality, and features, the WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder competes favorably with its counterparts. While it may be slightly more expensive than some alternatives, its advanced features and superior performance justify the cost. Users have consistently rated this product highly compared to other similar laser welders on the market.

Tips and Tricks:

Users have discovered a few helpful tips and tricks when using the WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder. One tip is to ensure that the wire feeder is properly aligned and tensioned for optimal performance. Additionally, adjusting the power output according to the thickness of the material being welded can enhance the quality of the welds.

Common Problems and Solutions:

One common issue users may encounter is difficulty in setting up the machine initially. To avoid this problem, carefully follow the provided instructions and seek assistance if needed. Additionally, some users have reported minor wire feed jams, which can be easily resolved by clearing any obstructions in the wire feeder.

Exceeding Expectations:

The WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder consistently exceeds expectations with its performance, precision, and durability. Users have been impressed by the quality of welds achieved and the ease of use provided by the auto wire feeder. The machine’s reliability and long-lasting performance have also exceeded user expectations, making it a highly recommended choice.

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User Feedback and Ratings:

Users have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback for the WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder, rating it an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. They have praised its power, precision, and ease of use. The machine’s durability and reliability have also been highly appreciated, making it a popular choice among professionals and serious hobbyists.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can this laser welder be used on materials other than carbon and stainless steel?

No, this laser welder is specifically designed for carbon and stainless steel welding.

2. Does the machine come with a warranty?

Yes, the WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder comes with a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Is it suitable for beginners?

While beginners can use this laser welder, some prior welding experience may be beneficial to fully utilize its features.

4. Can the power output be adjusted?

Yes, the power output can be adjusted to suit the thickness of the material being welded.

5. Is the auto wire feeder compatible with different wire sizes?

Yes, the auto wire feeder can accommodate various wire sizes for versatility in welding projects.

Where to Buy:

The WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder can be purchased from authorized retailers or online platforms specializing in welding equipment. It is recommended to purchase from reputable sellers to ensure genuine products and reliable customer service.


The WTTTOOLS 3000W Laser Welder is a top-of-the-line handheld laser welding machine that offers exceptional performance and precision. With its high power output, auto wire feeder, and 380V 3-phase power supply, this machine is a game-changer in the industry. Users have consistently rated it highly for its ease of use, durability, and reliability. Whether you are a professional welder or a serious DIY enthusiast, this laser welder is a worthy investment that will exceed your expectations.

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